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Only goes to 99g

Odd and inconvenient that it will only let you calculate up to 99g per category - not even enough for 1 day of food calculation


If you have a brain, you can do your own calc better. Don't waste your time & app space for this!

Math is right

You have to take into account that fat is 9 cals per pop and carbs and protein are 4 cals per pop. Math is right my friends. App is exactly what I was looking for.

Needs To Go Higher Than 99g

Would be a useful app if it wasn't limited to 99g for carbs. Try eating normal (non diets) and try to stay at 99g carbs. You can't drink even one pop or have dessert that isn't low sugar. If people limit themselves to 99g of carbs a day they'll eventually give up and gain weight because to stay at 99g of carbs you have to deprive yourself of things you enjoy to make it work Not to be used for those who eat NORMAL.


Works well so far, I'm calculating the fats, proteins and carbs in my food and track my nutrition to be healthier.

If you can do the math don't write the app

I entered the grams for a perfect 3 block zone meal. The calculation wasn't even close. The review from the mathmatician was right. The math is not. Don't bother.

Don't bother

I had this app for 3 min. Not worth the cost, free.....

Love It!

Love it, Frank. Nice interface. Nicely done. For people doing the Zone diet this is really a winner in the grocery store aisles! You have no idea how much mental math I used to do trying to figure this out. This almost motivates me to go back on the Zone (great diet, difficult to follow) because this helps you SO MUCH!

Great help for Zoners

Been using this for several months now and I really like it. It is such a huge help when grocery shopping or just experimenting in the kitchen. Very convenient & simple - three scoll wheels to enter or adjust grams of carbs, protein, fat & the ratio is displayed above. Helps me stay in the Zone more consistently. P.S. to Killroy: If you're regularly eating more than 49 grams of carbohydrates per meal, this app probably isn't for you anyway.

Worthless even at free

The 49g upper limit is a joke. Not worth it for anyone that actually eats more than 2 ounces.

Reply to nonnie & gttc

I agree GTTC on the calculations but usually just use the Zone's base grams for snacks and multiply by 3 to get my meals. Thought I'd like to try this for individual items if that would help, but pkgd. foods make it hard and why I try to avoid them. I hope this works for my purposes. Glad to see it offered for free though, so thanks Frank. Nonnie, as far as your apps, the same thing was happening to mine. Go to ITunes help menu tab, select Ipod help and run through the troubleshooting diagnostics. Mine ended up being my music videos needed deselected and not resynced. Typically a problem with your other loaded items, ie music, photos, videos, mail. HTH! Good luck everyone with your healthy goals!

Having Problems

I don't like to give negative reviews, but I am not able to get this program to work. When I select it, the screen goes black for a few seconds then comes back to the screen with my icons.I have tried the links to the developers' website and support and both are unavailable. I would like to use the program if anyone has any suggestions.


Nice quick program for all you zoners out there.

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